Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The perfect getaway.

So last week I was whisked away from the chaos of a grief stricken social life and a busy work environment. Boyfriend took us to Dubai and it was as magnificent as ever. The room upgrade as soon as we arrived, invitations to complimentary dinner at The Ivy, free water parks with slides that go up hill, executive pools, golf cart buggies to drive you place to place in the resort and the waterways with the Abra boats, trips to the mall for shopping and ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery (one of the coolest places on earth!), the Dubai Fountain (that rockets 150m/490ft into the air!), the Palm, the pool bar, the beautiful white beach, the turquoise sea that's as hot as a bath, the chef in the steak house making a vegetarian menu just for me and nervously coming to check if it was okay, fairy lights literally everywhere - all over the palm trees and gardens - as soon as the sun goes down after setting in the sea, the second room upgrade to a suite which might have been bigger than our apartment, watching Boyfriend trying to drink a Bloody Mary, Kyla coming to visit (so weird, finding your friends on the other side of the world), breakfast buffets so amazing they put the word 'buffet' to shame, the egg chefs (my best friends every morning!), being waited on near enough hand and foot... Just bliss. I even enjoy flying and exploring airports, which was a bonus as we had a connecting flight in Amsterdam on the way there and in Paris on the way home (am I alone in walking into Duty Free and trying every perfume on show, to turn around a leave with out buying anything, smelling like a tart's boudoir?).
Then with a resounding thud I am spun back into reality, jet lag, work, unpacking, meeting up with friends, do I need to book a hair cut? (I might have been on holiday, but my hair sure hasn't! It looks like dry straw!). Do I need to book a dental check up? (My wisdom teeth are are ridiculous at the mo!).
The only proof I have that I went away are my photographs, many new freckles, and lots of bikinis to wash. I'm glad I have the proof or I'd think it were all a dream.
Oh well, until next year I guess! :)

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