Thursday, 29 September 2011


My little brother is the best.
He applies just the right ammount of jokes and hugs. I don't know why but he always seems to have a hat near by. I'll never forget the Captain Planet toy he used to carry everywhere when he was little. I'll never forget how good he sounds on guitar. I'll never forget him showing me how to play video games. I'll never forget the first time I found him drunk as a teenager and I received a  mushy hug ("you're the best big sister in the world"). I'll never forget how many times we moved house together and always shared a room. Thank you for Blink 182 and Crash Bandicoot.
We live at other ends of the country, but it doesn't matter.
Thick as thieves.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Not a huge post today, just a little happy mention that it's been four years since I met my best friend in the WHOLE WORLD. Boyfriend, you're totally awesome! Thanks for everything.
 Today I made us a big yummy chocolate cake and scrummy dinner to celebrate. I am awesome!

Yes, I made this cake!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ghost walk, anyone?

Last night, Priya took her housemates Nyasa and Anna, our friend Aislinn and I to Llandaff Cathedral for a Ghost Walk. We didn't know what to expect, silly costumes? People jumping out from behind bushes? Nothing of the sort, which made it all the more terrifying.
We were a large group, nearly 30 of us. We were lead by a well learned historian (and brilliant story teller) and his colleague. They had a few spare torches and once we were all counted for we followed them down into the dark grounds of the cathedral and the river bank, to be told tales of history and fact that were churned by local stories as new as recent weeks, dating back to centuries before Cardiff was even founded. The knowledge these guys had was impressive enough and well worth the fiver we paid. The terror was only intensified when it was "torches out" and we were listening to ledgends that took place quite literally where we were stood of ghostly women, men that soared toward you, children teasing you, banshees taking your soul, victims of the thrashing river and the lost souls who remained here longing to find them, lights bobbing on the river bank path and travelling down the rivers surface.

Maybe it was the moon sliding out from the clouds to cast an unearthly glow, or maybe the owls hooting from the trees, but it was petrifying, grown men were near enough fainting and screaming like little girls and you could hear a pin drop as we all gawped, wide eyed at our story teller, the more faint hearted flinching at the sound of a twig snapping, looking over their shoulder in fear.
As we entered the last leg of the tour through the graveyard I don't think anyone doubted anything we were told.
Such a good evening! It needs to be said, just how utterly terrified of the dark I am, even with this in mind I had the most brilliant time.

I only wish I had worn wellies and thick socks, warm trousers and a big coat and hat. The path we stood on had been flooded and we passed through mud and huge puddles so I got pretty soaked and covered in mud. Nettles stings to boot. I would have taken my own torch too.
If you want to give it a go, and I highly recommend you do, here's the website:
It's the most fun I've had in a while. How brave do you think you are?

Friday, 16 September 2011

Congratulations Maddie & Dan!

A huge congratulations to Dan & Maddie, who are now engaged! So very happy for them :)

Monday, 12 September 2011

I love you, Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty... she doesn't talk, or really move much at all. Iconic as she is, I can't explain why I love Hello Kitty.
The idea of her came from Japan in 1974, but the character was born in London on November 1st. Her height is described as five apples and her weight as three apples. Her full name is Kitty White, while Hello Kitty is just a nickname. She has a twin called Mimmy, you can tell the difference as Kitty wears her bow on the left, Mimmy wears hers on the right.
She has inspired a wide range of products, from checking accounts in America with which you can have debit cards with her face on, electric guitars, jewellery, video games, dolls, stickers, greeting cards, clothes, accessories, school supplies, dishes and home appliances. Not to mention two theme parks in Japan.
Kitty, you are a legend.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

An afternoon with the Mac.

What a lovely afternoon with the gorgeous Anna MacEachern!
A nifty little trip to Tesco and then straight back to the flat to have quorn fajitas for lunch. Anna wouldn't even let me cook! She's blossomed into quite a hostess... Followed by some brilliant movies (a bit of Shakespeare and then Indiana Jones). All in all, a wholly soul feeding experience.
After a quick tour of their new flat Anna shows me her roller blades, and of course, I am really impressed. Now I am on a mission to find some fairly cheap roller blades, so we can go for a roll in the park. (Size 6-7 if anyone can help :P).