Friday, 27 January 2012

'Save Me' Treatment/S.O.S. update.

I did it, I've worn this polish for 14 days and despite my previous disbelief I have witnessed an improvement. It claims to reduce chipping and splitting, leaving nails stronger and harder. Well, my nails still split as much as ever but my nails are actually loads thicker, which means less chipping for sure. During my first week of wearing the polish the nail on my right index finger split right the way across, going back half way up my nail so I was a bit annoyed at that, but maybe it had to get worse to get better. Since that incident things have gone well. So well infact that this morning I have reapplied the same polish as it's a nice clear coverage that generally just makes my nails look neat. Perfect as a base coat too.
Verdict: Not too shabby.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

New accessories!

I might have sacrificed phone credit to buy shiny things, but look how cute they are! They both cost £1.50 from trusty Primark. Cheap and cheerful! I pride myself on being a brilliant hunter in Primark. You have to wade through heaps of poorly sewn and tacky looking garments to uncover something pretty amazing (like my jeans that cost £11?! Thick cream cable knit cardi for £14?!) and when you do, you feel like a MASTER. Yes, the other shoppers usually look like they have crawled out from under a rock, but hey who am I to judge. Yes sometimes it hardly seems worth it. But the glory when you find something that looks amazing and is a super bargain can't be beat. To all of you who scorn Primark, I guess it's nice to not worry about how much you spend when you go shopping. (But I get about five outfits from the money you spend on one!) x

Monday, 23 January 2012


I was pleasantly surprised by Maddie in work today, with CAKE! I call her an experimental baker, experimental as she hopes for the best with her trial and error technique and baker as the result is bloody good.  I was particularly pleased with the cake - icing ratio. That's my kind of cake topping. She's done a wonderful job on the butter icing, I tried this once with cocoa powder and it's easier than you think. Here's the glorious confection I found in the fridge with my name on it.

Thank you! xoxo

Sunday, 22 January 2012

龙年(Year of the Dragon).

Being born in 1988 means I am considered a dragon, I'm told an earth dragon at that. I have loved this painting of an earth dragon since before I can remember. The artist Peter Pracownik gave me and my brother a signed copy when I was a very little girl at a festival back in the early nineties. It's currently framed up in Newcastle with my family... I think with my little brother? For some reason Mr. Pracownik signed it to "Jill & Jake"... pfft, I'm the one born under the earth dragon sign (not bitter at all). If you're not sure what type of dragon you are, someone made it clear on wikipedia here
So apparently this is my year. I can live with that.
新年快乐! (Happy New Year!).

Jack & Jill went up the hill.

Well I've had a totally brilliant Sunday - massive lie in, breakfast in bed with a movie, a nice walk in the sunshine (and blowing gale) and a quick stop at Starbucks. Our walk took us up above the retail park in Cardiff Bay from the river. I'd recommend it, but maybe tie your hair up (I look very windswept and interesting) and wellies. Despite the wind and occasional muddy spots (there are two grubby pairs of Converse that will need a clean) we had a great time. You get a brilliant 360 view of Cardiff from the top.

Friday, 20 January 2012


So I'm looking at travel to Newcastle in May (my amazing little brother Jake is turning 21!), and it looks like I'll get the train. That's a lot of reading and iPod time, but yay because I love travelling by train. Also it's less hassle than the short train journey to Bristol, then a coach to the airport, then a little bout of stress when my luggage might not be the permitted amount at check in, then waiting for my gate to open, then queueing with huffy fatties to board the plane (god I hate scum class). I mean, I love flying, but the prospect of not having all of that and just having to change from one train to the other from the same platform... Well it's a no brainer. Maybe if I had an affinity to NOT pack 50 kilos* of clothes, shoes and accessories I could go through so many stops and starts across public transport. But I don't. It's like I'm sick or something (what if I need flip flops, Converse, Uggs, ballerina pumps, leopard pumps, black patent pumps, tan heels, nude heels, velvet wedges... a blue coat, a green coat, a black coat... my fuzzy fat, my beret... how many skirts, shorts, jeans, hoodies, pyjamas, camisoles, cute tees... only two wash bags? Serious?! But I have hair spray, dry shampoo, heat protector, serum, body moisturiser, face cream, make up wipes, deodorant, my comb and brush, nail colours, varnish remover, cotton wool, make up, razor, shampoo, conditioner, face wash... how many accessories? Necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, rings, hair clips, bows, belts... When will the madness end?!) and I'll probably go shopping while I'm away too, because 'I don't have anything'.
So yeah, trains! Woo.

* exaggeration.

Love/hate feelings for Lady GaGa.

Her expression through fashion, her namby-pamby pop music (which is glorious and I play it nearly every day), her odd tweets. She's wonderful. I recently watched Perez Hilton's superfan show, in which I was a bit repulsed but glued to the screen as I watched her parade around like she was in a cheap sitcom. Is her whole life like this? Maybe it's something I don't get. Anyway, here are some of my favourite GaGa looks. Enjoy! x

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Last night we went for dinner with my Boyfriend's family. This was the first time we met since before Christmas so we all swapped belated gifts.
If you know me, you'll understand my glee when I ripped off the paper (well I tried, it was really well wrapped, it took me about five minutes!) to reveal the Soap & Glory logo. It was a YouCube! Contents: The Righteous Butter (body butter), Flake Away Body Polish (body scrub), Clean On Me (shower gel), a 'fluffy super sudsy puff' and *drum roll*... HAND FOOD! So happy to get hold of this. It really is as great as I'd expected it to be. Thank you, Boyfriend's family!

Friday, 13 January 2012

What's In My Handbag?

I have joined the WIMH crowd and if any of you are psychiatrists I'd rather not know what under lying issues you have interpreted from the contents of my every day satchel. Now that I have taken this photograph and sat in front of my computer I feel a little silly, but here goes.
Umbrella. I usually carry this and a pair of sunglasses with me at all times, living in Cardiff comes with weather issues, it can actually be sunny and raining at the same time here.
Make up bag. Until three years ago I didn't feel like I needed to carry around my make up, but now it has become an emotional comfort blanket. Do my brows need a touch up, or do I need cheering up with a bit of lippy, or have I forgotten to apply mascara this morning...
Diary & Parker pen. I write everything down. Even birthdays of people I barely know. Dinner this Saturday with my boyfriend's family. My shifts at work. Addresses. Work details. Reminders. Last year it became my scrap book but I honestly haven't had a chance to get it started yet.
iPod Touch. I can survive without my phone (I think it's in my bedroom?), without my diary, without my camera. But not my music. I cry a little bit when I reach my limit on memory space. If you have any suggestions for music you should hear before you die, let me know.
Miss Dior perfume. My fragrance of choice.
Bobby pins. Those of you born with a natural 'cowslick' at the front of your hairline will understand. I can just about have a side fringe if I pin it down for long enough after I wash it.
Purse. A messy array of barely used 'loyalty' cards, receipts, debit cards, discount cards, privilege cards, point cards, notes and coins.
Hello Kitty camera case. It's actually a child's coin purse but it fits my Fujifilm Finepix in neatly.
That's it folks!

Early morning arcade parade.

The fates aligned to provide me with the earlier shift on Saturdays at work (if only I had a social life to dash off to, while my coworkers that work until the end of trade have about 15 minutes to get ready for a night out). This means I get up before the sun does and I head through suburbia on the number 9 bus. I roll out in the city centre and I walk across town as the sky is lighting up and life gathers momentum. Other early commuters don't dare make eye contact, we aren't quite awake yet. Whatever the weather though I always choose to find my way to work through the small and quirky shopping arcades of Cardiff. I've never come across any place like them. Old fashioned, but well maintained. Huge, clean slabs of stone make up the walkways. The shops inside range from art, delicatessen, herbal remedies, greasy spoon cafes, hair dressers, fancy dress costumes, goth boots, tailors, hippy boutiques, newsagents, stationary, you name it.
It's also feels a bit like you're on the set of Harry Potter.

Sleepy head.

This morning I started my usual wake up shuffle around the kitchen digging out the various tools I need to assemble breakfast. It was my day off special - hummous on toast and a pot of black coffee. While my coffee was brewing I emptied the dishwasher and upon stacking clean dishes in cupboards I clapped eyes on my 'seriously sleepy' insulator mug that Boyfriend gave my for Christmas 2010. It's made my breakfast a whole grade better. Thanks again, Urban Outfitters! (:
(You can buy 'Mood Mugs' from the two heads are better than one website).

Shiny things.

This season get your quirky jewellery at Next. I usually head for Topshop or UO but while collecting garments for my working wardrobe I was happilly surprised to find loads of youthful bits and bobs. Here are a few photos of my first haul. My favourite is the tea cup necklace.
(Top tip: cover costume rings in a quick coat of clear nail polish to avoid the 'green stain' effect!)


Okay, so it isn't as dramatic as a ship distress call via morse code, but I really need a miracle when it comes to my nails this week. I've been through my polish collection and I have found my NAIL RESCUE  - SAVE ME clear polish. It claims to to give 'longer, stronger, harder and more resilient nails in two weeks, reducing chipping and splitting'. I was dubious the first few times I used it, but I don't remember following the 14 day program. I most likely got bored and took it off after two days claiming it to be 'bloody rubbish and a waste of money'. I hereby vow to wear it following their two week instruction and report back. 'Fingers' crossed. ;)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Calm One, Calm All - Soap & Glory

I've always loved the marketing of Soap & Glory and on my last trip to Boots I was very aware that I needed some new bubble bath so I headed straight for that section. I keep meaning to buy some of their well advertised Hand Food (every review of this hand cream screams of it's wonder results). Saturday in retail is usually the busiest day of the week, so after my full day of wearing my poor stubby feet into the ground and helping the big guns I felt a well deserved bubble bath was on the cards. I went the whole hog, candles, rubber ducky. The scent wasn't that noticeable but my better half said I smelt nice when I got out. The actual foam didn't rise very quickly, but the bubbles stayed up throughout the whole half an hour I spent in there. It has the added feature of built in body lotion which is really good, I was actually baby soft all over afterwards. All in all, a great bubble bath I will be buying again.

Friday, 6 January 2012

A day off.

Everybody needs a duvet day. I must clarify that I haven't called in sick to work, it's my actual day off. I slept for 11 hours. I've washed my face and had some coffee but I'm still in pyjamas. I seriously need to put the box of Cadbury's biscuits away (it's one of those huge tins, not just a packet). I might take down the Christmas tree, it is the 6th Jan after all - apparently it's bad luck to have keep your Christmas decorations up after the 6th. I might do some washing, I mean the basket is full. I might get dressed and meet my mate for a coffee. I might, but I might not. I can do whatever I want. Because it's my day off and it belongs to me. These moments are sacred.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Velvet & glitter.

My lovely new t-bar velvet and glitter black block heels. Got them a few days I go in the sale so I had that smug feeling knowing I got them cheaper than a small handful of people who were idiots and bought them back at full price. Okay, so they weren't idiots. I was just too lazy to shop during the six months I walked past them every single day in work - and it paid off. Less than half price off to be honest.
I just need an excuse to wear them now.

Monday, 2 January 2012

New year resolutions.

1# Be a better girlfriend.
Generally just be considerate. Do more around the house. Eat less junk. Dress nicely. Maybe cook.

2# Worry less.
I mean look at the name of my blog - PANIC. My co-workers laugh that all I do is over prepare and stress. I fall out with people because they don't follow 'the plan'. I just need to relax a bit.

3# Save money.
I live with a little debt. I have made my own plan, I want to fix my problem, this will work. Of course this means I will miss out on expensive things, but that doesn't mean missing the fun. Mix and match outfits instead of buying new ones. Saying good bye to my happy Starbucks barista.

They aren't daft and I look forward to the end of the year when I can look back and realise that I have achieved these things. I would normally ask for your good luck wishes but as much as I'd appreciate them I can do this without luck. I will need people around who understand that I can't go out for cocktails, so we will make them at my house. That know I don't have money to spend on shopping so they ask me for help with finding their outfit instead of shopping together. That understand that I get free texts and I won't be calling for a chat.

Happy new year and I'm sure all of your resolutions will be a success. xx

Sunday, 1 January 2012

14 months behind everyone else.

I am officially old (okay, just in technology terms), finding out about cool iPod/iPhone apps 14 months after their release. My new fad is Instagram, a photo editing app. Mainly makes your pictures look like Polaroids, but you can simultaneously post them on your social networking sites as you finish the image. Everyone should get it, cos it's ace. Here's my first shot (with no make up on, rocking the natural look today).

New Year Cocktails.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful evening with family and  friends. As promised I made Cosmopolitans from scratch and they were declicious!
We got nicely sozzled and jumped about playing Dance Central on Xbox Kinect. I can't believe I got a good score on "Push It" by Salt-n-Pepa! (No, there are NO photos of this!).
Also, no hangover today! Bonus. Much love to all. xx