Sunday, 25 November 2012


Today I learned that not only can I box, but that I enjoy it. I am absolutely aching, but I loved it.
My trainer at the gym decided to change my work out as after a few months your body gets used to the same exercise and the work isn't as effective. I think he must have gone easy on me the first time as this workout 2.0 was brutal. It really did feel like fat camp.
I'm quite an awkward person and I wasn't all that confident when he mentioned boxing on the new list of pain. I haven't got good aim and my strength is in my legs. After a few tips on stance and technique, I gave it a go. To my great surprise I didn't miss and fall flat on my face. Once you get a good rhythm going it's quite satisfying.
Needless to say, the aching has already started. I expect agony by morning.
I still don't think you should practise this activity on another person though.
That still seems a bit mental.

Friday, 23 November 2012

What a bully.

I wonder what thoughts I was having to attract being pushed into a puddle while it was pouring rain yesterday. I'd finished a very busy day in work, so I was a bit dazed. I had this huge umbrella and I was trying not to smack people in the face with it, which I thought was a bit inconsiderate of them. There I was not getting soaked clinging on to this oversized golf umbrella and these idiots were getting in my way, rushing through the monsoon trying to avoid drowning.
It wasn't raining when I'd left for work in the morning and I think my instincts were a little off as I made to grab my umbrella, but only wore slipper loafers. Honestly, not suitable footwear for a rainy day. 
So I'm hopping down the street trying to skip over the big puddles while poking people in the eye with my brolly and this man races past me in some kind of rush and he actually pushes me over! In the rain, little me. My umbrella whooshes off down the street, one of my shoes went flying and there I am, on all fours half kneeling in a puddle in the rain. He didn't even stop, or say sorry. What a douche. Thank you to the nice woman who stopped to make sure I was okay. 
Life doesn't wait for when you are ready. It doesn't care if you have had a hard day, or if you're not feeling your best. Shit happens. You just have to stand up, gather up your deflated ego (and your shoe) and keep walking. Safe to say I wasn't smiling on my soggy bus journey home. 


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Poached egg.

This morning I actually made poached eggs for breakfast! 
Boyfriend taught me how about a year ago, using nothing but a pan of boiling water and a spoon. No special egg holders. I am so proud of myself! Served on hot buttered toast. The yolk was perfect! 
I can't deny there was a bit of a mess in the kitchen though. 


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fruity tea!

Say hello to my new obsession. 
Cranberry, raspberry and echinacea tea. It's absolutely delicious. The taste is not dissimilar to hot Ribena. Only less sugary. I've been looking up benefits of echinacea flowers and their uses but the facts don't seem very consistent. The flowers are naturally found in America and after a bit of research I've read that various native American tribes use them in medicine, for various reasons but mostly for headaches, colds, flu symptoms. They all seem to circle around the idea that it boosts your immune system, but again I can't find any sturdy science facts. Well, flower tea it is then. 
Oh and a box of 20 tea bags from Sainsbury's only costs 75p.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Temp:Sec / Hero&Cape Giveaway Competition.

The lovely duo Temporary:Secretary and Hero & Cape have collaborated on a giveaway.
All you need to do to win a cute bunny rabbit goody bag filled with Temp:Sec jewels and a kick ass H&C tee is like both of their facebook pages (here for Hero & Cape and here for Temp:Sec) and share the link posted from Temp:Sec's facebook page. 
Easy peasy. Competition is open until end of day tomorrow. 
(Fingers crossed as I sense a heavy moustache theme).
May the best person win! 


I have a very different type of Friday Feeling. 
It is not the approaching prospect of a weekend of play and rest. It is my ME TIME day. I have work tomorrow, the busiest day of the week. 
Fridays are my day off and as I know nobody who shares this phenomenon I get the day all to myself. From about 9 o'clock in the morning to lunch time I am extra lazy. I brew a whole pot of strong black coffee. 
I watch the new episodes of my favourite teevee shows which I've saved for today, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl and Glee. I might even get some new music and update my iTunes. 
I trail my favourite blogs.
This is my time. I hardly even get up. I have my pyjamas on and I have crazy hair.
Then lunch time arrives and I realised that life goes on and so does the washing, the dishes, the cleaning, the supermarket trip. 
As I have written before, I am the only one of my childhood friends who isn't a mother yet (cue paranoia) so I should make the most of this time, enjoy my lie ins, not worry about looking after anyone but myself. 
How can it be wrong if it feels right?


Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Paradise Edition.

I knew I loved Lana del Rey, but I didn't realise just how much until I listened to the new edition of her already released Born To Die album. It is a two disc feature, the first is her known debut collection and the second contains her new pieces. I think I have died and gone to heaven. 
You know you have found good music when you can put everything on hold, block the world out and just listen. I think I have found my perfect sunbathing music. You know when you need to lie down and forget about the world. Favourite tracks are Bel Air and Burning Desire.


Saturday, 10 November 2012

When did that happen?

When we are young, growing up seems so far away like it's on the other side of the universe. In my mind, I am still the cock sure teenager I always was. A little damaged over the last few years, mostly by my own doing. But still the same person inside. Still, the inevitable has happened and now I am... sigh... an adult. I don't know when it happened, but it did. I am not the skinny, fresh faced joyful character, naively stumbling through life with a grin on my face and a twinkle in my eye I used to be. I'm pretty sure my soul is charred and black and I have adopted a new take on my life focus. Still heading in the same direction as I always was, just a wandering soul enjoying the life I was given, but now I seem to hate people younger than me. Little urks claiming to have found out everything as if nobody has ever lived before they did. 

One of my friends said "the oldest story in the world, one day you're sixteen and planning for someday then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. Then someday is yesterday and this is your life". 

So now I'm left feeling like I've squandered my life. What do I want to do with myself? Time for a new direction. What do I love? What do I enjoy doing? 
- Photography
- Media
- Journalism
- Web design. 
- Fashion.
- Modern Art.
- Music. 
- Events management.

I think it might be time to go back to school. I work for a pretty big company, maybe it's time to pursue more job opportunities with them? I haven't wasted my life, I am clever enough. I have my hobbies and I have finally developed as sense of self.  I've found my soul mate. But I have kids making me feel out of date and waffling oldies telling me I'm naive and ill-informed about my decisions. If I didn't feel like the world was relentlessly caving in on me I'd probably be a little less dazed by the sea of chaos that stretches out ahead of me. 

Time to refocus. 


Friday, 9 November 2012

Do yourself a favour.

Yeah it does.
You can try and hide and pretend like it doesn't but you are only hurting yourself.
You can sit in self perpetuated misery or you can have a swift drink and move on.
By crying, moaning, lying in bed, staring out the window hopelessly you are only creating more negativity for yourself. So snap out of it. 
Put your favourite music on nice and loud, or nice and quiet if that floats your boat. 
Get out your photos of your favourite memories and cheer yourself up.
Have a hot shower and put on your favourite outfit. 
Go out for a walk somewhere nice. 
You attract that which you project, so do yourself a favour and be happy. 
Do us all a favour. 


Image We Heart It 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Geek chic.

Being nerdy has never been so cool and as a friend of mine triumphantly claimed IT IS OUR TIME! 
Awkward and practical are the new key looks and the tables have turned. 
Rucksacks. Turn ups. Fair isle. Big jumpers. Wooly hats. Vintage jewellery. Oversized coats. Sneakers. Creepers. Chunky boots. Galaxy prints. Tie dye. Leggings. Well, if anything else but a window of opportunity I see this trend as a sign that I should have just been true to my self all along. I've spent a long time trying to be someone I'm not and it has got me nowhere. In nearly all aspects of my life. The worst part is that I was lying to myself. 
I am a walking cliché and I have learnt a few life lessons the hard way. 
Don't live life for anyone but yourself. 
Do what you want, when you want, within reason.
Be honest, at least to yourself. 
Whether it's what you should be doing at work, how you should dress, how you treat your friends and family. 
Don't let people push you around, stand up for yourself. 
How has it taken 24 years to realise this?