Sunday, 25 November 2012


Today I learned that not only can I box, but that I enjoy it. I am absolutely aching, but I loved it.
My trainer at the gym decided to change my work out as after a few months your body gets used to the same exercise and the work isn't as effective. I think he must have gone easy on me the first time as this workout 2.0 was brutal. It really did feel like fat camp.
I'm quite an awkward person and I wasn't all that confident when he mentioned boxing on the new list of pain. I haven't got good aim and my strength is in my legs. After a few tips on stance and technique, I gave it a go. To my great surprise I didn't miss and fall flat on my face. Once you get a good rhythm going it's quite satisfying.
Needless to say, the aching has already started. I expect agony by morning.
I still don't think you should practise this activity on another person though.
That still seems a bit mental.

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