Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Hunger Games.

I am absolutely addicted to this brilliant book. After seeing the trailer - link! -for the movie (which was co-written and co-produced by the author) I was compelled to read it first. A friend at work lent me her copy yesterday, I got home at eight and since then I have read nearly half the book. I've looked it up and found out that there is a second and third novel in the series, called Catching Fire and Mockingjay.
The setting for the book is in a post-apocalyptic North America now called Panem, a solitary nation with no mention of outsiders, consisting of the governing Capitol and the surrounding districts, each producing different products to the leading state. Once the districts rebelled in war and failed. As a reminder of their power the Capitol reap one girl and one boy from each district every year and lock them all in vast outdoor 'arena' for the Hunger Games, of which there is one rule: last one alive is the winner. Enter our protagonist, a young lady called Katniss.
Anyway, I have to go, I need a cup of tea and to carry on with this thrilling story. If you haven't already, start reading! xoxo

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Lovely day at Maddie and Dan's making cupcakes and baking! We made madeleines, 'red' velvet cupcakes and golden syrup cupcakes. My favourite bit by far was decorating them with edible glitter, gold stars, colourful letters, tiny smarties... I'd definitely buy the edible gold stars again! 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Starbucks vs. Costa.

The other day I went to work in another branch and I found myself left alone on a retail park with no Starbucks, but a Costa instead. It was all types of WRONG. Somehow I soldiered on and I walked through the automatic sliding doors of the enemy. Let me list everything that was wrong and why Starbucks is so much better.

1. In Costa, the furniture and décor is lame. In Starbucks the furniture is less lame and the décor is way better with funky lights and better colours. 
2. Costa marketing is shaky and has little substance. Starbucks marketing is modern, some of it seemingly handmade. 
3. Costa have all the wrong names for different sizes of hot beverages, I mean I wanted a small and it's called a Primo, so I asked for a Primo Americano, black, with a dash of cold water to cool it down a bit. The idiot looked confused and said 'so that's an Americano with cream?'. No, no no no no NO, you absolute neanderthal. Starbucks actually listen to what you want, you don't even have to use their jargon, you can just say 'I want a small black coffee that isn't scolding hot'.
4. Costa have the lengthiest ordering-queueing system. One person is taking orders who then makes the coffee in slowest fashion, while two staff stand chatting in the corner. Most annoying queue I've stood in for a while. I actually wanted to go back there and make it myself. Starbucks are really quick - one, maybe two baristas quickly prepare your drink while one or two cashiers work the queue to get orders in. Once everyone in the queue has ordered and paid the cashiers help out to get everyone served faster. 
5. Costa don't seem to manage their staff uniform very well. Untidy faded black trousers dragging on the floor, one girl also had orange make up tan lines around her chin. Starbucks seem well presented and I actually want an apron that reads COFFEE MASTER. 
6. Costa didn't seem at all enthusiastic when I approached their counter. There was no smiley 'good afternoon', no thank you, no good bye. In Starbucks you are greeted with genuine happy staff, who are willing to chat, even it's just the plain old 'just on your way to work?'. They are all quite quirky and have always been in great moods no matter what state I'm in (ranging from hungover and in need of sustenance, sleepily on my way to work, or crying my head off in need of cake) and always provide a bit of banter. 

All of this has completely overshadowed that the plain black coffee I had was quite nice. I will actually avoid Costa if I can. Team Starbucks, all the way. xoxo

Monday, 19 March 2012


Yesterday we drove up to Cheltenham for lunch with Boyfriend's mum and family to celebrate Mothering Sunday. Pizza Express served up the yummiest vegetable pizza, with courgettes and artichokes. Boyfriend's nieces are just gorgeous. They just adore him but drive him insane, they just want him to play along and he resists so much it turns into a small squabble. But for me, they are little angels. The youngest brought a magazine boasting that we could make 3D animals. Well, once I saw the googly eyes I was pretty googly myself with excitement. We made three mice, a dog, a snake and a cat. Top the afternoon off with a trip to Jack Wills and I was pretty much skipping. Brilliant day off. xoxo

Thursday, 15 March 2012

If I was a rich girl.

Daydreaming about holidays begins with one thing. Dreams of shopping. Admittedly only on the high street, but it's a sea of style possibilities for me. In my mind, after about five hours of Starbucks and fitting rooms, I will emerge from the city centre, countless shopping bags draped over my tired but happy elbows. Here it is. My dream holiday wardrobe. Never mind the pool and beach, I mean making the most of any opportunity for fashion. I've got to run around Disneyland, enjoy a bike ride, look fab on my birthday. So many outfit ideas. xoxo

1. Topshop 'Dinosaur Q&A' tee - link. 2 Topshop peach zip hoody - link. 3. Newlook aztec print leggings - link
4. Asos bowler hat - link. 5. Temporary:Secretary brass moustache necklace - link
6. Newlook pink rouched sleeve blazer - link. 7. Urban Outfitters 'Reflex' watch - link. 8. TOMS navy espadrilles - link
9. Rock 'n Rose 'Carpe Diem' ring - link. 10. Rock 'n Rose star friendship bracelet - link
11. Rock 'n Rose cross friendship bracelet - link. 12. Rock 'n Rose tahani vintage snake wrap ring - link
13. Topshop 'dress up' contrast bodycon dress - link. 14. Green classic Vans sneakers - link
15. Newlook mint innocence mesh shirt - link. 16. Newlook green padlock tote bag - link.  
17. Ray-Ban tortoise shell clubmasters - link. 18. Newlook influence strip maxi jersey dress - link

What's the time, Mr. Wolf?

I am in LOVE with my new time piece necklace. What made it even better is that it only cost £4 from Primark! I can risk it not lasting very long, as I see it as my temporary version until a real silver one comes along. It's just the right length and the clock itself is nice and small. I'm not a fan of huge pendants on long necklaces. Thin or small, keep it dainty.  xoxo

Friday, 9 March 2012

Pastel shades.

I am loving pastels coming out with a bang this season. Colour pop has rewritten the rules and I adore mixing mint green and blush pink, top it all off with lilac nails and you're good to go. I need to get myself a few staple pieces that I can mix and match for my Paris trip. Mint chinos, a peach pink blazer, yellow nail colour, lilac hair clips. Hello summer. xoxo

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Gorgeous gingers.

I have always misunderstood what is 'wrong' with being ginger. I think it's a gorgeous hair colour. Like you're so cool you're on fire. Or you're that warm inside you glow out the top of your head. It's so colourful and lovely. I love you, gingers of the world. Here are some total ginger babes. xoxo

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Smartie nails!

What happens when I'm left alone for two nights? This.
Pasta bake, chocolate brownies, rock chic flicks and elaborate nail painting. I haven't done my rainbow nails since my birthday last year and I'd forgotten how much I love them! No matter how big and bizarre my collection of nail pots grows, I always prefer the smartie colours. Just a kid at heart. 

Longing for summer.

All I really want is a pretty garden party. I won't need an excuse, other than to get all of the nice people I know together and decorate a garden and have lunch, play a little music, take photos of us having a nice time, catch a bit of sunshine and maybe roll around in the grass after a few glasses of wine. Is that too much to ask? xoxo

Friday, 2 March 2012

News of a birthday trip to Paris.

Last night Boyfriend brought me the news of going to Paris for my birthday this summer. I couldn't be more happy! I've always wanted to visit Paris. I've driven through it quickly and stopped at a cash machine. I've driven around Paris many times. I've been through Charles de Gaulle airport three times. I've never seen the Eiffel Tower, or the Arc de Triomphe, or had a coffee in a little parisian cafe, or been around the Louvre, or relaxed in the Parc de Monceau, or walked around the Jardins de Luxembourg. Top all of that off with a crazy couple of days in Disneyland I will be giddy with childish glee. Now I really have something to get slim for! xoxo