Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sky blue Vans.

I hadn't planned on becoming a sneaker junkie, but perhaps it was inevitable. Not wanting to utterly trash my white Converse, I planned on buying some unimportant daps to take the falls of everyday muck and grime. Every shop I went in offered little inspiration to settle my need for decent shoes. I found myself in Schuh, trying on various expensive trainers. My favourites were these babies and black Nike high-top Blazers. The Blazers were possibly the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my feet, but for a suprising £70 I was willing to let them out of my sight. When it comes to Classic Vans you are presented with such an array of colours to chose from it seems like a life or death decision. Not wanting to appear a scruffy teen, I avoided the usual purples, animal prints and glitter options, despite the bum in me raging to show off. Anyway, say hello to my new kicks.


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Happy 25th Birthday, Fi.

Our amazing Fi suffered the emotional massacre of turning 25, a quarter of a century in her own words. Must we be so fixed on age? I would try and talk her out of it but I nearly had a melt down at the idea of turning 24 last summer and I don't blame her. It's not getting old, it's realising that your life is flashing before your eyes. I guess you have to take it as a personal reminder to make the most of what you have. Suddenly, we're young adults in our mid twenties and it knocks the wind out of you.
For the first time I can remember, I spaced out my camera. I completely forgot to charge the battery before I left and it was so low it couldn't even muster one shot. I had to use my phone so sadly most of the photos aren't great quality.
We headed to Las Iguanas on Mill Lane for dinner and drinks. I'd never been there before and I was briefly impressed at their prices, I'd expected to pay a lot more than £6.20 for the strongest cocktail I've ever had and £8.20 for a giant plate of food (mushroom burrito). Our table was quite big with 16 of us and we had most of the surrounding tables hooting with applause after a racous round of 'happy birthday'. My cocktail was a 'tequila berry smash' made of tequila, ice, fresh mint and rasberry coulis. I was smashed. It was great.

Half of us ended up Revolution which was quite busy. I don't know how we ended up snagging a circular booth but it provided a stable platform for shots and our new game - FIT/NOT FIT. The game revolves around people watching (the basis of any good friendship) and with intended discretion you deem passing strangers as attractive or gruesome, depending on how enthusiastic your screams. It is not gender specific, for example as a straight girl I am not exempt from judging other girls. Couple the game with heavy doses of even more tequila (two shots every time I went to the bar to go with my Jammy Bastard cocktail) and it makes for one happy Jillie. Despite even drinking coloured vodka shots (my worst sober nightmare) I made it home in one piece, even managing to remove my make up, place all of my clothes in the washing basket, find clean pyjamas and have a coffee at half three in the morning.


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Happy Feet.


Happy feet indeed! On Thursday my trusty red Vans died an honourable death. Well, the original version included a bit of swearing because after a day at work I went to change my shoes but I found that they'd broken from overuse and I was a bit annoyed.
Lucky headed in my direction and I was in black on the ATM. I was going to wait to buy these, but then my shoes broke so I guess it was meant to be. By the end of my shift at work today they were ready for collection! I'm absolutely in love with them. What a poser!


I'm a bit concerned about getting them dirty though, was I mad to buy white? Hmm.
I also ordered a pair of bleach denim vans lookalikes from Next (link) for everyday but they're really narrow so I need to exchange them for another size. I still love them though!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Hippy chic.

My latest Primark haul was a good one. Besides my new favourite footwear, I swiped this aztec rucksack for only £9. I know that the stores are mostly stocked with useless and poorly made garbage, but if you are patient and have a keen eye it pays off. Literally.
I rarely have moments in shops when I feel I can't leave without buying a must have piece, but this was such an occasion. As I was travelling down the escalator I spotted this beauty across the room. I'm so pleased I bought this, as it has become my new everyday bag.


Jeepers Creepers.

I have been interested in these for some time now. I rarely choose statement pieces that suit me as I am oblivious to my own body shape, I plan outfits in my minds eye and the reality isn't always how I pictured it. How smug I was when I found these creepers in Primark for £12. If they were a mistake and make me look ridiculous then at least I haven't broke the bank. To my delight, I love them. They are quirky, flattering on the ankle (nothing short of a miracle), comfy and they seem to go with plenty of outfits. Following my first success I expect to have a new pair, perhaps a more elaborate style, when my next pay day rolls around. Thank you to Jenny at The Pulse Of Fashion for your inspiration!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Beauty base zero.

I'm not a fan of modifying my own body beyond recognition. Plastic surgery and fake additions have never had an enormous appeal. A few little pieces of body decoration seem harmless, tattoos and piercings, but nothing extreme. Ink takes commitment, piercings are an expression. But fake hair, fake body parts, fake face, fake nails? No thank you. I'm more interested in beauty base zero (a term I came across while reading the Hunger Games). Scrubbing off any nasty dead skin, cleaning and shaping nails, cutting any split ends off your hair, tidy eyebrows, clean, moisturised skin. Stick to this ritual matched with a healthy diet of a few pints of water (minimum) each day and plenty of sleep and I believe the world is a better place. I see no harm in playing around with make up and hair dye. This will eventually wash off leaving the body barely untouched. Our clever bodies are disgarding cells and creating new ones faster than we care to imagine, so I see it in my best interest to look after what I have, pave the way for new cells to cocreate in harmony. I'm clearly stuck in limbo between two beauty worlds, and my point it this. Shouldn't we celebrate who we are as individuals instead of morphing ourselves into unrecognisable creatures? Look after our bodies and from a place of joy decorate ourselves in a manner that illuminates our true potential, instead of hiding behind masks and out of fear changing ourselves to a misguided level of conformity? Beauty, like all aspects of life should be approached with a positive frame of mind. Not as a means to conceal discontent.
Now, where's my nail varnish?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Wednesday 13th February - Saturday 30th March.
I wasn't raised with religion, but taught to at least appreciate it. I think in the UK christianity has leaked into the lives of even the least religious families and so this spring I will be taking part in Lent. This period is reserved for remembering the 40 days and nights when Jesus was in the desert, then captured by the Romans, crucified and then his resurrection. Christian communities recognise this suffering by giving up luxuries, penance and paying alms. Churches strip their lavish decorations.
As serious as this can all sound, many people choose to take part as some kind of social detox. Januray can be a cruel month, Christmas left overs still hanging around waiting to be eaten, the weather is still grey, no more pretty fairy lights to brighten up our lives, we all need treats and goodies to cheer us up. So it is easy to understand the appeal of a fresh start.
I know a girl who is a casual shopaholic who gave up shopping for Lent a few years back.
I knew a guy who gave up smoking for Lent and when Easter came, he didn't restart his habit.
A fellow blogger is attempting to give up unrefined sugar and processed foods.
I have done the unthinkable and I have given up the mother of all vices. CHOCOLATE.
Yes, I have decided to have a chocolate detox. No chocolate from today until Easter Sunday, that's 31st March. That's 46 days.
At 11.58pm last night I was cramming one last chocolate hobnob in my face. Sigh.
There isn't any chocolate in the house, so all I have to do is avoid it when I'm out. With a very convenient vending machine in work it might be a struggle. I guess I can just head to the nearest mirror and take a good look at my wobbly bits for motivation. That usually works.
Bring on the withdrawal symptoms.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bestival 2013.

The fates have aligned to grant me a long weekend of heaven. I'm going to Bestival in September!
I'm going to help out as a member of crew in Boutique Camping and I couldn't be more grateful. The team are absoloutely lovely. If you're thinking of Boutique Camping for any festival this summer, which includes a nice clean area, remarkable accommodation, friendly staff, SHOWERS and nice pop up cafes, head over to the Cloudhouses website for all your hospitality needs.
So I'm off to the Isle of Wight, that's a train journey to Portsmouth and a nifty ferry to Fishbourne.
The line up has got me crazy excited. Snoop Dogg, Elton John, Franz Ferdinand, DJ Fresh, Wu-Tang Clan, Rudimental, M.I.A., Bombay Bicycle Club, Caravan Palace, Annie Mac Presents, Mark Ronson / Zane Lowe DJ battle, Carl Cox, Rob Da Bank...
Not to mention all the lovely goings on that only a good music fezzie can bring.
I've got 6 months so prepare! Not only do I need a fresh set of camping gear, but the official fancy dress theme has been announced. Nautical. Oh hell yes. Think captain hats and lots of red, white and blue. I couldn't miss out on four days of fancy dress and not broaden my choices, so I'm on the hunt for a decent dinosaur onesie and a good top or bowler hat.
Here's the link to their website with information on tickets, travel, line up, etc. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Happy Birthday Mam.

This weekend my beautiful Mammy came to visit. Yes that is her birthday card from little me. Being her birthday we enjoyed a weekend of girly catch up. She brought Looper with her (wahhh it was so good) which we watched in bed with wine and treats (watch the crumbs!) and I've finally been blessed with the viewing pleasure that is Django Unchained, what a stunning film, thank you Tarantino.
On the morning of her birthday we had a rather messy toast breakfast, with jars of everything all laid out on the table including marmite, tahini, lemon curd and hummous. Then it was off to the nail salon where we treated ourselves to a cheeky mani. I only opted for the classic mani with french polish but Mam went the whole hog and had acrylics! It was quite quick really, I expected her session to last about three hours but we were out in an hour and a half. It's so nice to have tidy hands, I couldn't have cared less about the french polish, but just having all the nasty scuffed skin removed around my nails and cuticles tidied and then to have it all buffed and moisturised... mmmm.
Then it was off to Nando's for her birthday lunch, now I know you're thinking 'isn't she vegetarian?' but hear me out. Nando's do the yummiest veggie food. I mean to die for. The chef made a mistake with our food and before I'd even had a chance to look unimpressed the head waitress was tripping over herself to apologise and gave us free desserts! We hadn't even considered ordering more food, but when free cake comes your way you have to take it, or you'll break every natural law in the universe and it will implode and kill us all. Obviously.
After too much food we walked to the National Museum, which houses art, nature and ancient welsh artefacts. Loads to look at and I think my favourite was the huge statue of Icarus. Stunning. There was also a beautiful room called "Words" which had loads of framed quotes and poetic art, of which I fell in love with a slate with an elightened message carved on it.
A lovely weekend with my lovely Mam and I was sorry to see her go.


Friday, 1 February 2013

So long, troublesome wisdom teeth.

After a few years of dull pain, I'd begun to experience nearly a dozen bouts of severe pain from my wisdom teeth. The kind that wakes you up at night. I went to the dentist about a year ago and asked them about it, they had a look and said I had enough room in my jaw for my lower molars to develop. What a load of bollocks. Six months ago I went back, complaining of suprising pain (not to mention my front teeth buckling under the pressure, not very sightly). They begrudgingly referred me to the hospital, where today after an xray I was told I do not have enough room in my jaw and experiencing such pain means I'm eligible for surgery to have them taken out. As she was telling me this, my face is in agony, my cheeks ruddy and I'm starting to get a temperature. I just about blurt out 'oh god yes, please, get them out!' while she knowingly smiles. Despite my oblivion (I have no threshold for pain) I notice she has lovely teeth. Yes, I want this woman to help me. I doubt I will ever see Lois The Consultant again, in a hospital that size. Now that I have what I wanted all along, to have them removed, a fear has set in. A realisation that they are going to pull my teeth out. Have you ever seen the root of a molar tooth? I didn't think my teeth were that long under the surface. The reality of my impending horror is dawning on me. Worse still, they are drawing out the procedure by removing one at a time, waiting for the first to heal before taking the second. I have never felt so sick.