Sunday, 10 February 2013

Happy Birthday Mam.

This weekend my beautiful Mammy came to visit. Yes that is her birthday card from little me. Being her birthday we enjoyed a weekend of girly catch up. She brought Looper with her (wahhh it was so good) which we watched in bed with wine and treats (watch the crumbs!) and I've finally been blessed with the viewing pleasure that is Django Unchained, what a stunning film, thank you Tarantino.
On the morning of her birthday we had a rather messy toast breakfast, with jars of everything all laid out on the table including marmite, tahini, lemon curd and hummous. Then it was off to the nail salon where we treated ourselves to a cheeky mani. I only opted for the classic mani with french polish but Mam went the whole hog and had acrylics! It was quite quick really, I expected her session to last about three hours but we were out in an hour and a half. It's so nice to have tidy hands, I couldn't have cared less about the french polish, but just having all the nasty scuffed skin removed around my nails and cuticles tidied and then to have it all buffed and moisturised... mmmm.
Then it was off to Nando's for her birthday lunch, now I know you're thinking 'isn't she vegetarian?' but hear me out. Nando's do the yummiest veggie food. I mean to die for. The chef made a mistake with our food and before I'd even had a chance to look unimpressed the head waitress was tripping over herself to apologise and gave us free desserts! We hadn't even considered ordering more food, but when free cake comes your way you have to take it, or you'll break every natural law in the universe and it will implode and kill us all. Obviously.
After too much food we walked to the National Museum, which houses art, nature and ancient welsh artefacts. Loads to look at and I think my favourite was the huge statue of Icarus. Stunning. There was also a beautiful room called "Words" which had loads of framed quotes and poetic art, of which I fell in love with a slate with an elightened message carved on it.
A lovely weekend with my lovely Mam and I was sorry to see her go.


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