Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bath 2.0

Four days in Bath, no work or stress or plans, yeah go on then. I went to Bath to meet one of my dear friends and her amazing son. Well, Luka is beyond cute. Fresh into his terrible twos it's a relentless battle between cute and playful and 'I want my mum'.
We went to Castle Combe race track to check out the bikes. Sat in the grass in the sunshine. Got told off for the boys rallying their cars in the field. Drove up to Alexandra Park that looks over the city of Bath which had hot air balloons floating over head.
A lovely few days. I look forward to our next meet.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Friday, 19 April 2013

Say what you mean, at least to yourself.

Never lie to yourself.
Feel free to lie, cheat and plunder your lives away and hide your skeletons from those you spend your everyday life with. But be honest with yourself, at the very least. What feels like irreparable damage over five years, I am exhausted from trying to be someone I'm not. Overfed myself until I am barely recognisable. This mental unbalance I put myself through had me making all of the wrong decisions, all the while reassuring my deluded self that all was well. How wrong I was. How very wrong.
Now I'd seen the light at the end of the tunnel (and miraculously surfaced) life didn't seem so grotty. I've also lost over a stone and am feeling better.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Street art.

Studded satchel of joy.

Primark have done it again. For a meagre £9 I have this shiny new satchel. I've been perving on the Cambridge Satchel Co. website for weeks now, hinting (or maybe outright demanding) that my family buy me one for my birthday. For a tenth of the price, I think it's alright.


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Feeling a bit dotty.

Picked these up as an impulse, they were only 50p. I've always been dubious to nail wraps as I don't trust their stamina. They're quite easy to apply (stick on and file off any excess) and look dreamy but as I expected, half way through the day the thumb, index and middle finger nails have begun to take the falls of everyday tasks and have begun to 'chip' (although it's more of a peel). Maybe if I invest in some of higher quality I won't suffer this mishap. You live and learn.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Palm trees, Bel Air.

As much of a fan of typing that I may be, I can't compare it to paper. It may seem like a pointless thing to mention, but I've always liked having a notebook. I was pleased to find my newest addition came from a fellow blogger, Jaymie from By Jaymie who is an astonishing and refreshing artist who creates and sells her own jewellery, accessories and artwork. I think she's fantastic. I adored the palm tree print, as they remind me of the beach in Spain. They don't grow there naturally, it's not tropical enough. But they grow them inland and import them for the tourists. It also reminds me of one of the tracks from Lana del Rey's Paradise collection, Bel Air. I'm longing for summer too so this only provokes my daydreams. Jaymie's personal note was appreciated, '... love, ... love! ... love'. She also included some bracelet charms from her boutique which were right up my street. Rainbow thread, studs and skulls? Jaymie's psychic I guess.

Go check out her online boutique - Jewellery by Jaymie
You will absolutely adore every single thing.
My note book cost £10 and arrived in next to no time.
Thanks Jaymie!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A mother's love.

When Mother paid a visit in February she came bearing gifts. Mostly wine, but this little cutie made it's way to me from Newcastle. It's a message bean, which comes in a tin can. All I had to do was peel off the lid and add small doses of water every now and then. The cutest little bean eventually surfaced and then split in half to reveal tiny leaves that have grown to a suprising size. It's a lovely reminder of my Mam and how much she loves me. Like no other.

Love you too, Mam.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Oh so Boux Avenue.

Not long ago I found myself inside the frilly cavern that is Boux Avenue, a small store which is possibly the nicest lingerie shop in Cardiff. The staff are professional and calm. The shop fittings are sturdy, plush and substantial (the fitting rooms are to die for). These people know what they're doing. But none of it overshadows the main event, the product. Unlike most high street retailers, Boux Avenue deliver on product. If you have a small bust then most usual high street clothing chains will offer you decent underwear, but if you are a little larger these meagre offerings are less than desirable as they rarely do more for your shape than binding your tortured bossom with a scarf. I'm talking about the benefit of different shapes of lingerie - balconette, plunge, tshirt... Boux Avenue are champions in this. Boasting a modest size of 36DD I can't get away with a poorly fitted bra and I have suffered a lifetime of underwear nightmares. So, a well manufactured, high quality, properly fittted bra? THE STUFF OF DREAMS. But wait, there's more. They are well priced too. I'm not even kidding. I purchased a simple cotton tshirt bra for £12 and I shall be skipping back there to get a few more when payday strolls around. But my treat came in the form of the aqua 'Georgia' spot mesh balconette set (link!), bra £26, briefs £12. What amazed me is how little I rate my body and how these tiny garments transformed me. I am a changed person. I never understood the appeal of lingerie until I found them. If only for yourself and to boost your morale, get some seriously hot undies. Trust me. I felt like I could rule the world with my boobs. I don't think you quite understand how much I despise my body and yet it made me feel like a super hero.

All of you, get down to Boux Avenue now. Now, I tell you!