Friday, 12 April 2013

Palm trees, Bel Air.

As much of a fan of typing that I may be, I can't compare it to paper. It may seem like a pointless thing to mention, but I've always liked having a notebook. I was pleased to find my newest addition came from a fellow blogger, Jaymie from By Jaymie who is an astonishing and refreshing artist who creates and sells her own jewellery, accessories and artwork. I think she's fantastic. I adored the palm tree print, as they remind me of the beach in Spain. They don't grow there naturally, it's not tropical enough. But they grow them inland and import them for the tourists. It also reminds me of one of the tracks from Lana del Rey's Paradise collection, Bel Air. I'm longing for summer too so this only provokes my daydreams. Jaymie's personal note was appreciated, '... love, ... love! ... love'. She also included some bracelet charms from her boutique which were right up my street. Rainbow thread, studs and skulls? Jaymie's psychic I guess.

Go check out her online boutique - Jewellery by Jaymie
You will absolutely adore every single thing.
My note book cost £10 and arrived in next to no time.
Thanks Jaymie!

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