Thursday, 14 February 2013

Beauty base zero.

I'm not a fan of modifying my own body beyond recognition. Plastic surgery and fake additions have never had an enormous appeal. A few little pieces of body decoration seem harmless, tattoos and piercings, but nothing extreme. Ink takes commitment, piercings are an expression. But fake hair, fake body parts, fake face, fake nails? No thank you. I'm more interested in beauty base zero (a term I came across while reading the Hunger Games). Scrubbing off any nasty dead skin, cleaning and shaping nails, cutting any split ends off your hair, tidy eyebrows, clean, moisturised skin. Stick to this ritual matched with a healthy diet of a few pints of water (minimum) each day and plenty of sleep and I believe the world is a better place. I see no harm in playing around with make up and hair dye. This will eventually wash off leaving the body barely untouched. Our clever bodies are disgarding cells and creating new ones faster than we care to imagine, so I see it in my best interest to look after what I have, pave the way for new cells to cocreate in harmony. I'm clearly stuck in limbo between two beauty worlds, and my point it this. Shouldn't we celebrate who we are as individuals instead of morphing ourselves into unrecognisable creatures? Look after our bodies and from a place of joy decorate ourselves in a manner that illuminates our true potential, instead of hiding behind masks and out of fear changing ourselves to a misguided level of conformity? Beauty, like all aspects of life should be approached with a positive frame of mind. Not as a means to conceal discontent.
Now, where's my nail varnish?

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