Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Wednesday 13th February - Saturday 30th March.
I wasn't raised with religion, but taught to at least appreciate it. I think in the UK christianity has leaked into the lives of even the least religious families and so this spring I will be taking part in Lent. This period is reserved for remembering the 40 days and nights when Jesus was in the desert, then captured by the Romans, crucified and then his resurrection. Christian communities recognise this suffering by giving up luxuries, penance and paying alms. Churches strip their lavish decorations.
As serious as this can all sound, many people choose to take part as some kind of social detox. Januray can be a cruel month, Christmas left overs still hanging around waiting to be eaten, the weather is still grey, no more pretty fairy lights to brighten up our lives, we all need treats and goodies to cheer us up. So it is easy to understand the appeal of a fresh start.
I know a girl who is a casual shopaholic who gave up shopping for Lent a few years back.
I knew a guy who gave up smoking for Lent and when Easter came, he didn't restart his habit.
A fellow blogger is attempting to give up unrefined sugar and processed foods.
I have done the unthinkable and I have given up the mother of all vices. CHOCOLATE.
Yes, I have decided to have a chocolate detox. No chocolate from today until Easter Sunday, that's 31st March. That's 46 days.
At 11.58pm last night I was cramming one last chocolate hobnob in my face. Sigh.
There isn't any chocolate in the house, so all I have to do is avoid it when I'm out. With a very convenient vending machine in work it might be a struggle. I guess I can just head to the nearest mirror and take a good look at my wobbly bits for motivation. That usually works.
Bring on the withdrawal symptoms.

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