Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sky blue Vans.

I hadn't planned on becoming a sneaker junkie, but perhaps it was inevitable. Not wanting to utterly trash my white Converse, I planned on buying some unimportant daps to take the falls of everyday muck and grime. Every shop I went in offered little inspiration to settle my need for decent shoes. I found myself in Schuh, trying on various expensive trainers. My favourites were these babies and black Nike high-top Blazers. The Blazers were possibly the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my feet, but for a suprising £70 I was willing to let them out of my sight. When it comes to Classic Vans you are presented with such an array of colours to chose from it seems like a life or death decision. Not wanting to appear a scruffy teen, I avoided the usual purples, animal prints and glitter options, despite the bum in me raging to show off. Anyway, say hello to my new kicks.


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