Friday, 1 March 2013

Gel Liner.

As a novice in make up I rarely branch out to try new products, mostly due to a lack of confidence as I will end up misusing it and make my face look even worse. I have but one evening look which highlights my features but I whack on a heavy flick of black eyeliner. I've had a few different types of liner, one was even like a felt tip pen, but my tried and tested staple was a Rimmel liquid one with the tiniest pin point brush. Great for perfectionists. Unusual that I would master this type of brush when I can't even apply eyeshadow properly.
Imagine my distress when I couldn't find it. I was getting ready a few weeks ago and it wasn't anywhere. I upturned my whole room, boxes, drawers, bags, the lot. I had to drink the whole bottle of wine just to stay calm. It was a dark hour for me. I still shudder to think that I actually went out in public with pencil liner on my lids. If you can apply this properly, then hats off to you, but I doubt my skills with it. Not to mention the dreaded 'double eyebrow' effect it can cause. You know what I mean, when your eye liner transfers onto your upper eyelid? How scruffy.
I bought a new liquid liner from MUA's range but it just didn't cut it. Despite applying it to bare skin and foundation alike it didn't seem very substantial. It was like using oil paints on grease proof paper, little beads of black liquid would form on my skin and not actually stick. When I could make a decent shape on my eye it would peel off like a mask as soon as I moved my face. Awful.
I ended up in Boots staring at the Maybelline Gel Liner a few days later. I've always thought they were difficult to apply, expecting the gel to be slippy. I took the plunge and for a fair £7.99 I'm glad I did. It is easy to use! The long thin brush featured is included and is ideal for precision. The gel isn't slippy at all, it is quite textured not unlike a dense mousse. Wait a minute or two after application and you'll benefit from the non-transfer effect (my biggest grudge). This is amazing.
I'm converted.

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