Friday, 23 November 2012

What a bully.

I wonder what thoughts I was having to attract being pushed into a puddle while it was pouring rain yesterday. I'd finished a very busy day in work, so I was a bit dazed. I had this huge umbrella and I was trying not to smack people in the face with it, which I thought was a bit inconsiderate of them. There I was not getting soaked clinging on to this oversized golf umbrella and these idiots were getting in my way, rushing through the monsoon trying to avoid drowning.
It wasn't raining when I'd left for work in the morning and I think my instincts were a little off as I made to grab my umbrella, but only wore slipper loafers. Honestly, not suitable footwear for a rainy day. 
So I'm hopping down the street trying to skip over the big puddles while poking people in the eye with my brolly and this man races past me in some kind of rush and he actually pushes me over! In the rain, little me. My umbrella whooshes off down the street, one of my shoes went flying and there I am, on all fours half kneeling in a puddle in the rain. He didn't even stop, or say sorry. What a douche. Thank you to the nice woman who stopped to make sure I was okay. 
Life doesn't wait for when you are ready. It doesn't care if you have had a hard day, or if you're not feeling your best. Shit happens. You just have to stand up, gather up your deflated ego (and your shoe) and keep walking. Safe to say I wasn't smiling on my soggy bus journey home. 


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