Friday, 16 November 2012


I have a very different type of Friday Feeling. 
It is not the approaching prospect of a weekend of play and rest. It is my ME TIME day. I have work tomorrow, the busiest day of the week. 
Fridays are my day off and as I know nobody who shares this phenomenon I get the day all to myself. From about 9 o'clock in the morning to lunch time I am extra lazy. I brew a whole pot of strong black coffee. 
I watch the new episodes of my favourite teevee shows which I've saved for today, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl and Glee. I might even get some new music and update my iTunes. 
I trail my favourite blogs.
This is my time. I hardly even get up. I have my pyjamas on and I have crazy hair.
Then lunch time arrives and I realised that life goes on and so does the washing, the dishes, the cleaning, the supermarket trip. 
As I have written before, I am the only one of my childhood friends who isn't a mother yet (cue paranoia) so I should make the most of this time, enjoy my lie ins, not worry about looking after anyone but myself. 
How can it be wrong if it feels right?


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