Friday, 9 November 2012

Do yourself a favour.

Yeah it does.
You can try and hide and pretend like it doesn't but you are only hurting yourself.
You can sit in self perpetuated misery or you can have a swift drink and move on.
By crying, moaning, lying in bed, staring out the window hopelessly you are only creating more negativity for yourself. So snap out of it. 
Put your favourite music on nice and loud, or nice and quiet if that floats your boat. 
Get out your photos of your favourite memories and cheer yourself up.
Have a hot shower and put on your favourite outfit. 
Go out for a walk somewhere nice. 
You attract that which you project, so do yourself a favour and be happy. 
Do us all a favour. 


Image We Heart It 


  1. I.Love.This.

    Perfect Monday morning pick me up. Xx

    1. I think I want a small tattoo capturing this message. I always let my morals slide and forget this way of thinking, so it was more of a rant at myself? My Mam has been teaching us this for years. xx