Thursday, 26 January 2012

New accessories!

I might have sacrificed phone credit to buy shiny things, but look how cute they are! They both cost £1.50 from trusty Primark. Cheap and cheerful! I pride myself on being a brilliant hunter in Primark. You have to wade through heaps of poorly sewn and tacky looking garments to uncover something pretty amazing (like my jeans that cost £11?! Thick cream cable knit cardi for £14?!) and when you do, you feel like a MASTER. Yes, the other shoppers usually look like they have crawled out from under a rock, but hey who am I to judge. Yes sometimes it hardly seems worth it. But the glory when you find something that looks amazing and is a super bargain can't be beat. To all of you who scorn Primark, I guess it's nice to not worry about how much you spend when you go shopping. (But I get about five outfits from the money you spend on one!) x

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