Friday, 20 January 2012


So I'm looking at travel to Newcastle in May (my amazing little brother Jake is turning 21!), and it looks like I'll get the train. That's a lot of reading and iPod time, but yay because I love travelling by train. Also it's less hassle than the short train journey to Bristol, then a coach to the airport, then a little bout of stress when my luggage might not be the permitted amount at check in, then waiting for my gate to open, then queueing with huffy fatties to board the plane (god I hate scum class). I mean, I love flying, but the prospect of not having all of that and just having to change from one train to the other from the same platform... Well it's a no brainer. Maybe if I had an affinity to NOT pack 50 kilos* of clothes, shoes and accessories I could go through so many stops and starts across public transport. But I don't. It's like I'm sick or something (what if I need flip flops, Converse, Uggs, ballerina pumps, leopard pumps, black patent pumps, tan heels, nude heels, velvet wedges... a blue coat, a green coat, a black coat... my fuzzy fat, my beret... how many skirts, shorts, jeans, hoodies, pyjamas, camisoles, cute tees... only two wash bags? Serious?! But I have hair spray, dry shampoo, heat protector, serum, body moisturiser, face cream, make up wipes, deodorant, my comb and brush, nail colours, varnish remover, cotton wool, make up, razor, shampoo, conditioner, face wash... how many accessories? Necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, rings, hair clips, bows, belts... When will the madness end?!) and I'll probably go shopping while I'm away too, because 'I don't have anything'.
So yeah, trains! Woo.

* exaggeration.

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