Sunday, 8 January 2012

Calm One, Calm All - Soap & Glory

I've always loved the marketing of Soap & Glory and on my last trip to Boots I was very aware that I needed some new bubble bath so I headed straight for that section. I keep meaning to buy some of their well advertised Hand Food (every review of this hand cream screams of it's wonder results). Saturday in retail is usually the busiest day of the week, so after my full day of wearing my poor stubby feet into the ground and helping the big guns I felt a well deserved bubble bath was on the cards. I went the whole hog, candles, rubber ducky. The scent wasn't that noticeable but my better half said I smelt nice when I got out. The actual foam didn't rise very quickly, but the bubbles stayed up throughout the whole half an hour I spent in there. It has the added feature of built in body lotion which is really good, I was actually baby soft all over afterwards. All in all, a great bubble bath I will be buying again.

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