Friday, 13 January 2012

What's In My Handbag?

I have joined the WIMH crowd and if any of you are psychiatrists I'd rather not know what under lying issues you have interpreted from the contents of my every day satchel. Now that I have taken this photograph and sat in front of my computer I feel a little silly, but here goes.
Umbrella. I usually carry this and a pair of sunglasses with me at all times, living in Cardiff comes with weather issues, it can actually be sunny and raining at the same time here.
Make up bag. Until three years ago I didn't feel like I needed to carry around my make up, but now it has become an emotional comfort blanket. Do my brows need a touch up, or do I need cheering up with a bit of lippy, or have I forgotten to apply mascara this morning...
Diary & Parker pen. I write everything down. Even birthdays of people I barely know. Dinner this Saturday with my boyfriend's family. My shifts at work. Addresses. Work details. Reminders. Last year it became my scrap book but I honestly haven't had a chance to get it started yet.
iPod Touch. I can survive without my phone (I think it's in my bedroom?), without my diary, without my camera. But not my music. I cry a little bit when I reach my limit on memory space. If you have any suggestions for music you should hear before you die, let me know.
Miss Dior perfume. My fragrance of choice.
Bobby pins. Those of you born with a natural 'cowslick' at the front of your hairline will understand. I can just about have a side fringe if I pin it down for long enough after I wash it.
Purse. A messy array of barely used 'loyalty' cards, receipts, debit cards, discount cards, privilege cards, point cards, notes and coins.
Hello Kitty camera case. It's actually a child's coin purse but it fits my Fujifilm Finepix in neatly.
That's it folks!

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