Friday, 13 January 2012

Early morning arcade parade.

The fates aligned to provide me with the earlier shift on Saturdays at work (if only I had a social life to dash off to, while my coworkers that work until the end of trade have about 15 minutes to get ready for a night out). This means I get up before the sun does and I head through suburbia on the number 9 bus. I roll out in the city centre and I walk across town as the sky is lighting up and life gathers momentum. Other early commuters don't dare make eye contact, we aren't quite awake yet. Whatever the weather though I always choose to find my way to work through the small and quirky shopping arcades of Cardiff. I've never come across any place like them. Old fashioned, but well maintained. Huge, clean slabs of stone make up the walkways. The shops inside range from art, delicatessen, herbal remedies, greasy spoon cafes, hair dressers, fancy dress costumes, goth boots, tailors, hippy boutiques, newsagents, stationary, you name it.
It's also feels a bit like you're on the set of Harry Potter.

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