Monday, 2 January 2012

New year resolutions.

1# Be a better girlfriend.
Generally just be considerate. Do more around the house. Eat less junk. Dress nicely. Maybe cook.

2# Worry less.
I mean look at the name of my blog - PANIC. My co-workers laugh that all I do is over prepare and stress. I fall out with people because they don't follow 'the plan'. I just need to relax a bit.

3# Save money.
I live with a little debt. I have made my own plan, I want to fix my problem, this will work. Of course this means I will miss out on expensive things, but that doesn't mean missing the fun. Mix and match outfits instead of buying new ones. Saying good bye to my happy Starbucks barista.

They aren't daft and I look forward to the end of the year when I can look back and realise that I have achieved these things. I would normally ask for your good luck wishes but as much as I'd appreciate them I can do this without luck. I will need people around who understand that I can't go out for cocktails, so we will make them at my house. That know I don't have money to spend on shopping so they ask me for help with finding their outfit instead of shopping together. That understand that I get free texts and I won't be calling for a chat.

Happy new year and I'm sure all of your resolutions will be a success. xx

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