Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Velvet & glitter.

My lovely new t-bar velvet and glitter black block heels. Got them a few days I go in the sale so I had that smug feeling knowing I got them cheaper than a small handful of people who were idiots and bought them back at full price. Okay, so they weren't idiots. I was just too lazy to shop during the six months I walked past them every single day in work - and it paid off. Less than half price off to be honest.
I just need an excuse to wear them now.


  1. I love a good shoe post! Hope you get lots of compliments on them, they are pretty! x

  2. Aww man these are gorgeous! mind i do love a good shoe bargain... mine are waiting in schuh till payday... such an awful feeling leaving them behind but soon they will be mine muwahhaha xx