Saturday, 13 August 2011

... Take a walk on the wild side.

Saturday night?
Not struggling for payday?
Loads of outfits in my room?
SOD going out! I'm curled up with a bar of chocolate watching movies.
I've swapped giant shoes & vodka for cuddles & sleep.
I don't feel old... I'm 23?!
But why would I want to go out, make myself ill, get pushed around by obnoxious strangers, have my overpriced drinks spilled on me, cringe away from intoxicated ass grabbers, hang out in sticky dirty unhygienic premises and spend all my money...
When I have a clean comfy home, with my favourite person in the entire world, nibbling yummy treats, watching movies I love that make me happy, catching up on much needed rest and wake up satisfied.
I guess I am just too exhausted.
I'm that tired I'm dreaming of foot spas and pillows...
Right I'm off to bed. I hope my neighbors don't wake us up in the middle of the night with their noisy, dizzying social lives.

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