Thursday, 27 October 2011

I didn't forget you.

Hello blog! Sorry I went away... Has it really been ten days? Doesn't time fly when you have to work ALL weekend, and then most of the week. But it's all over now. Six days of full on, hard core work. I feel like such a trooper! Thankfully I now have THREE DAYS OFF. All at once. One after the other.
(I know six days isn't really very long, I used to work a six day week not so many years ago! But on a particularly busy week, and feeling ill to boot, I very nearly didn't make it!)
This almost never happens. I can almost see my free time stretching out ahead of me and I can feel myself grinning like a maniac. Tom has made the transition of Crazy Work Jill to Happy Relaxed Jill much easier by handing me a dish of hot food as I drag my swollen, blistering feet through the door. Now he brings me a small bowl of chocolate, half a bar broken up in pieces, into the office. What a sweet heart (this is REAL LOVE).
Day one of my weekend off will be devoted, in most part, to sleeping. Maybe a really hot bath and clean pyjamas at lunch time. Order in a take away.
Day two is a little more sociable. Getting up early to meet Anna Mac for a practise run on our roller blades in the park - I've checked the weather forecast, thanks - then lunch. Afterwards it's back home to get ready for Mr. Morgan's Halloween Party. (Which, by the way, could just be the party of the year. Bossman Morgan has high standards).
Day three, nurse hangover. Do house stuff.
All in all, a damn good weekend ahead.

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