Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Flight 8611 is now ready for boarding...

I love airports, planes and flying.
I always find packing a bit tedious, I stress and pack too much and then empty my case and do it all again. But then you get out the door and you're on your way. I love travelling to the airport, I just get so excited, my body knows where we're going.
It's been a long time since I had a big good bye scene at Departures, so for the last few years check in, baggage drop and security have been over and done with quickly. My case was 2 kilos overweight but thankfully my check in attendant was decent enough to let me cram 2 kilos into my hand luggage. I should have just paid the £10 charge, as the zip on my big hand bag then broke. It's okay, I think I can fix it.
The new North Terminal in Gatwick is excellent. At one point I was certain I was at a space station. Lots of new areas that are all chrome and glass and white and blue lights. A striking contrast to the old decor throughout the rest of the building (cream walls, green and blue carpets, yellow signs).
Thank god for Duty Free. I've said before that I never buy anything, but I seriously waste some concessions time by trying make up, drowning myself in different perfumes. I love it. It is in this cloud of scents that I march towards my gate, after 45 minutes of nervously glancing at the screens.
After a painfully long wait at the gate we all rush on to the plane and I manage to get a window seat towards to back. I immediately sink into my book (Carla from work lent me the Sookie Stackhouse novels, True Blood, and I've had them ages and haven't had brain space to get stuck in) hoping to forget the boring taxi phase of my flight.
Then it's happening. The most exciting part of flying - take off. I love it, as soon as I feel that lurch of the plane heaving itself off the ground I starting grinning like a lunatic. I can't help myself, it's just a happy place for me. Then we start the climb to 30 thousand feet and I can watch the earth beneath us float away. Cars on the motorway, rivers, houses. Then you hit the clouds and suddenly break through to a different world. Above the clouds where the sun is just starting to disappear. It's uber dreamy.
Flight highlight? Asking for a black coffee with sugar and I got served Starbucks?! :) It doesn't take much to keep me happy.

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