Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Drug Addict.

Caffeine! If I could wear a big badge that read 'caffeine' I would. Coffee is one of my favourite things. I am friends with the baristas in Starbucks in town and I make a mean cup o' Joe at home too. I always like it black with as many sugars as I can take. The only trouble is that the general british public aren't that clever when it comes to brewing good coffee. Please don't give me Nescafe or another granule based beverage. Bleugh.
I haven't enjoyed milk in coffee since I was 18, but I always ask coffee shops to 'leave space for milk' as it really bugs me when they fill it right to the top and then it spills all over your hand, even if they put a lid on it.
I like simple coffee. But it's ever so easy to get wrong.

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