Sunday, 26 February 2012

¡Revolución de Cuba!

Thank you to Revolution bar for having us. We had an area reserved in their newest section, Revolución de Cuba bar. As you can guess from the name, it's like a Cuban cantina. I absolutely love it. They remix usual songs with samba beats and play cheesy latin tunes, it's bloody marvellous. My favourite bit is the great drinks. Mostly all are rum based, of course. Sadly didn't have the chance to sample their mojitos as they'd run out mint - but I guess it's a sign that they're great and everyone is buying them if they have used up all of their ingredients. I reckon I'll have to get in quite quickly next time. I had a stroke of madness and decided to go all experimental at one point and just began ordering anything off the cocktail menu so I could start to try them. I tried the Cuban Cosmo, the Shaken Margaritas and my absolute favourite, the Cuban Tea Party (I chose the Raspberry Colada). It's ideally situated in the Revolution premises right next to the Club Room, so if you get a bit tired of the funky disco style music then you can hop into the next room for more modern dance music. A less impressive recollection of last night is that the bathrooms in Cuba always have toilet tissue. Ladies, you are all LYING if you say this isn't good. Anyway, enough toilet humour. It's a great bar and I'll be seen there more often. Can't wait for our next visit! 

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