Friday, 3 February 2012

Sceptics and Mystery.

My whole life I have been surrounded by people who have very different beliefs. A community of women taught me that your fundamental truth as a being in this universe is found within your own expression of self (deep shit, I know). Sometimes I feel this to be true. Yet I have always respected the argument that there is little evidence or many documented learned facts on this subject, why is it always weirdos in tie-dye and billowing skirts that profess these opinions? Despite feeling a certain mental pull leading me to believe all of this (I just get a gut feeling, it feels like something I've known all along), I feel a bit sceptical. Crystal healing, or just coloured rocks? Meditation, or just an excuse to lie down? Believing what you feel deep in your soul, or being realistic and sticking to the status quo? Please, do not think me ignorant, I respect both sides of the debate. This mysterious truth many of us feel is quite undeniable. Scientist have infact begun to document practises to prove (and theories to describe other possibilities about the universe) that matter and particles are all one*. But how many oddballs have interpreted this as the right to fail to commit to society and act in the name of  'peace and love, dude'. I agree that major business leaders in our world have lead to the destruction, bullying, extortion and ruin of most of our planet and it's mostly dormant and accepting population. But we, 'The People', have let them get away with it, so we are all to blame. I usually see two types of people. One will live in a eco-home, brandish slogans such as 'Cameron is a C*nt', steam roll conversations of global warming, of food companies poisoning the world, burn a whole lot of incense and eat organic food. Nothing wrong with that. The others will happily install electric in their homes, brandish opinions of don't bite the hand that feeds you, become best friends with consumerism, fall in love with the false hoods of the cosmetic industry, see nothing wrong with eating foods that are killing our bodies faster than they should. Nothing wrong with that. I would be a fool to say I was whole heartedly involved in either party. Strangely enough, I feel I belong in both worlds. I think both parties would be able to find a world wide resolve if they both became allies, both respected each other, both listened and took action together. They both have the right answer. But by hating each other they will forever be at war. Perhaps we all need to go back to our roots to move forward.
Suppose I'm a mysterious sceptic.

*Search quantum physic theories on entanglement.

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