Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lizzie's Cupcakes.

Our beautiful Liz is leaving work and she made some beautiful cupcakes as a little goodbye. At first I was suspicious, was it enough to quell my fury over her leaving us? Then I saw them. Glistening. A sugary waft in the air. This girl can bake! They were so bloody lovely, so THANK YOU. Here they are, jaffa cake and strawberry. B-E-A-Utiful!

Liz has worked with us for years on and off, zipping off over various summers to enjoy her busy life, like travelling around the world, lucky thing. When people are looking for her in work I find her hard to describe... She always changes her hair, it's been dark, blonde and now it's a purposefully dyed rusty auburn. Even though the colour has stayed put for a while, she has a different hair style everyday, top knot, plaited fringe, sleek bob, big and tousled - holding on to some serious hair envy here. I have always struggled to look professional in the smart-casual dress code in our workplace, I should just drop the casual and stick to tailoring which of course crushes my creativity. I gorge my soul by feeding it adorable casual outfits, and I look smart in a suit dress, but this middle ground is a small torture. So of course, when cute little Lizzie twirls through the changing rooms with ease in outfits I have sometimes helped pick, I am so proud of how nice she looks. She always listens to me, no matter what jibberish I'm sprouting. Sometimes I think I'm the biggest fat head genius, just because the other five people in the room have never heard of what I'm talking about, but Liz humours me. Things like my beliefs on the Mayan 2012 phenomenon, or what other foods besides dairy provide calcium. I'm totally going to miss her happy face in work, she is always smiling. As sad as I am that she seems to be leaving for good to work for the National Health Service, this just means more effort will be made to meet up for cocktails. I'm so glad I met you Liz! Don't be a stranger. xoxo

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