Friday, 25 May 2012


Wahey! Shopping! It's been a long time. In all honesty, it wasn't as amazing as I remember. But getting home and trying on my pretty things made it better. The crowds of people were slightly annoying though. And the walking! I walked across town a few times so I'm knackered! Here's my haul...

'Reborn' earrings from Newlook.

Dip hem skirt from Newlook.

Cross tshirt from Newlook.

Suede sling backs from Next.

Chiffon blouse with pearl collar from H&M.

So, all tired from my spree and feeling alone, I'm called out for a cheeky Starbucks. I feel like a criminal! I had CAKE! Wahh! It was so naughty, but it felt amazing at the time. WHOOPS. Lovely to have a girly catch up. xoxo

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