Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Carmex lip balm.

I give you my new obsession, Carmex lip balm. Now, I've been a keen Vaseline enthusiast for quite some time (see my last post raving about the cocoa butter one) but it was only today when I realised I had left my trusty lip tin at home that I headed for Boots after work in search of some kind of relief. I'd heard a few people sing praise for this balm, but with it's almost clinical appearance I wasn't that excited. I've had a little look on their website and read that it does actually contain cocoa seed butter, so I don't feel so bad about abandoning my sad little Vaseline. You know, I actually started using Vaseline lip balm when I read in some teen magazine that the Spice Girls used it as everyday lip gloss and wow did I love the Spice Girls. Anyway, I was nicely surprised when I first used it. It contains all sorts of ingredients like menthol and beeswax and it makes your lips all numb and really tingly while it seals and removes any dead skin. It also lasts for absolutely ages! I used a bit as I headed home about three hours ago and they are still lip smackingly balmy. My new must have. 
To all of your Vaseline pushers, you're fighting a losing battle. Why even bother, y'know? ;) 

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