Saturday, 7 July 2012

Disneyland Paris.

So, after taking me to loads of wonderful fancy grown up stuff, Boyfriend was dying to get into Disneyland. 
With four years since I was last there too, it was pretty awesome to be back. They're currently celebrating their 20th year, so they have this cool projection show at night over the castle.  Of course, it helps if you speak a little French as some of the songs are translated. Wait for the Genie though. He's the best bit. 

As usual, it turns us into kids again. Our favourite rides are Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Space Mountain, Rock 'n Rollercoaster with Aerosmith, the Hollywood Tower Hotel / Tower of Terror and Crush's Coaster. I still love the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups. They've also added a new Toy Story section in Walt Disney Studios, it's a bit kiddy but the theme is well developed and a must see for Toy Story fans.  

Sadly, it rained half the time we were there, but it didn't slow us down. We just bought waterproof plastic ponchos and kept going! I aslo picked up a Tigger-ears hairband. So naturally when I met Tigger at dinner he was very excited to see me wearing them. Honest now, I was underdressed as far as Disney costumes go at dinner. 

They've also got a Disney Dreams 20th Anniversary parade. It's pretty cheesey, but worth a watch if you're a big Disney fan. It features the most popular characters and someone has written a sickly song to go with it ("celebrate the joy and laughter, memories we'll keep long after").  The performers are quite good at interacting with the crowd, a pirate came up and stole my umbrella (he did bring it back).

After three days of stomping around and enjoying ourselves, we were totally knackered.

Still magic though. 

p.s. Don't go to Disneyland when the schools in Europe have broken up for summer holidays. The queues for the best rides are over an hour long. Take your phone for music and games, buy a drink and then stand in the queue to drink and enjoy your snacks there. Hell, at one point I wish I'd brought a swift fold away camping chair. Definitely recommend going May/September. 
It's not that kids shouldn't be allowed, I mean come on, it's Disneyland (but some of them are massive brats who need to pipe the #&£$ down). I think some of the parents need to back off too, what just because I'm 24 I don't have as much of a right to meet Woody as you're little angel? Back off, I got this.

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