Monday, 27 August 2012

Heart of Gold.

While shopping for a new outfit 
(which I'm ashamed to say I haven't photo'd well in so no peeks until I can work it all out.. maybe it was my hair? Anyway) 
I was attracted to the make up section of Topshop. I'm not usually that bothered as I'm convinced it's a scam. Surely I can get the same stuff from Boots a bit cheaper? Meh. So I was grabbed by their clever marketing and shiny lights. I started to loose my senses when I came to the rainbow of nail polish pots. I've wanted a metallic nail colour for a while but the ones I'd tried weren't anything to write home about. One was foily, as in it seemed to peel off like foil. Another was papery, as in it flaked off like dry tissue. Weird. But not this bad boy. I present TOPSHOP Heart of Gold. 

I took a photo of my nails this morning. I've been wearing it since Friday afternoon! It's lasted all day Saturday in work (the craziest day of the week), a rather messy night out with the work gang (the dirtiest kids around), a sofa day and many showers. 

All in all, a fairly decent nail polish. You really do get what you pay for.
You can find it HERE on the TOPSHOP website.


  1. Collection 2000 do a brilliant quick-drying nail varnish called All That Jazz. It's amazing, I'm in love with it. The other colours in the range are quite nice too - they can chip a little easily, but its quite a cheap range so it's to be expected I guess.

    Totally not having a sneaky catchup of your blog :P

    Cousin :)

  2. It's quite rare that you get more than what you pay for in beauty products. Sadly, the good stuff means you handing over hard earned cash. But it's good to have a cheeky quick fix now and then!
    Thanks for reading Kath xoxo