Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sparkly phone!

A few weeks ago my lovely Boyfriend was stood in the 'pre-ordered' queue at the Apple store, waiting to collect his shiny new iPhone 5. This meant that his iPhone 4 needed a good home - ENTER JILL. I have such a bad history with phones, it's unreal. From leaving them in really obvious places, like on the table in front of me, to accident drop kicks, water damage and the rest. That's with normal nokias and cheap phones from Argos to bide me until payday. This will be my third iPhone. The first was shattered as it was accidentally launched at the wall. This was a geuine accident and I did not throw it in a fit of anger. The second went 'missing' from my rather secure bag at a very noisy Chase and Status gig at Cardiff student union. I reported it as soon as I realised it had gone from my zipped up bag that was across my body, and the office pointed out that mine was the fifth reported missing that evening. Fml. 
So Boyfriend gifting me with his Looks-Like-New, Hardly-Seems-2-Years-Old, "hand me down" iPhone 4 is a rather extravagant gesture. I feel like I am holding life itself. A memory of someone distant echoes from my past "... more power and technology than the moon rocket...". My vision is blurry. Is it really mine?
I can't walk around with it naked, given my track record. I ordered this from Amazon and it's only cost me £1.34! Isn't it just dreamy?! 


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