Saturday, 22 December 2012

Present swapping.

With the big day fast approaching my friend Anna and I saw a window of opportunity to meet up before it was to late and have a little Christmas party for two. Well, not so much a party as we just drank tea but it was nice, we had dinner and swapped cards and presents. The waiter didn't think much of the cards on the table and wrapping paper all over the place, but we loved it. I gave Anna a pair of stripey panda gloves that even had little pom pom ears, you know the type of fingerless gloves that have that extra flap which can convert them into mittens? Genius. Anna gave me the coolest double finger moustache ring. I've been lusting over moustache jewellery all year but I never took the plunge and actually bought anything, I have no idea why. I'm completely in love with it.
So we didn't wait for Christmas Day, but we had our own little celebration and it made my week.
Thank you again, Anna!

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