Friday, 17 May 2013

Good bye, size 20.

Five months ago at Christmas I'd reached a size 20 and 15 stone. I'd eaten myself into obesity and I was barely recognisable. I think I cracked and realised what I had done when my size 18s were too tight.  
Then suddenly, it all stopped. Out of nowhere I have lost my appetite. As if simply accepting my demise was enough for my body to make a change. I prepare big meals like I used to but I struggle to eat even a quarter of the food on my plate. Bare in mind I am walking to work everyday which is only 15 minutes as well. If I feel a bit peckish I have a large glass of squash and I'm satisfied. I only eat when I'm hungry which seems to be morning/mid day, so dinner has become a rare occurrence. Maybe a slice of toast.
I have started to wear size 14 trousers, with size 16 tops and it feels like the ball has only just started rolling. I've still got some of my bigger clothes which I tried on the other day and despite my joy in finding that they were enormous on me I was a little bit unhappy that those nice clothes are a bit useless now! I need to get down to a tailor to have some things taken in. 
I had hoped to be a size 14 by my birthday in July, so to have already reached that goal I am now aiming for a 12. Feeling quite proud and ever so slightly smug. 


  1. Wow! I'm sure you're an inspiration to many Jill. This is great will done girl!! Xx