Saturday, 22 February 2014

Stay classy, San Diego.

Being a 'lady'  these days isn't about being a 50's housewife, or wearing a twin set and pearls,or hiding your natural lifestyle in a bid to show our (still) male dominated society we are compliant. Quite the opposite. I think class and being a lady takes blood and guts. Is there anything as cool to aspire to than a healthy, confident, happy, well informed, clever woman? Not to me. 
Even today, we need to stand up to gender discrimination and the apalling lack of drive and intelligence in our generation. We have a duty to educate and develop our family and friends.
Every single day I am distraught at the vacant space left where hope used to be from hearing and seeing sheer stupidity. Regardless of skills like basic literacy, we have been failed by our communities, allowing young women (and men too!) to rely on parental/government financial support coupled with a spoon-fed mentality, people today are lazy, stupid and completely void of social skills and manners and are destroying the world around them. We need to stand up and challenge the perception that we are weak, clueless and lacking composure. 
Stop showing up my gender and generation, you useless slobs. 

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