Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Conflicting feelings for Marilyn.

I've always been intrigued by this character of a woman. I didn't idolise her, I was intrigued to learn she was a puppet. Norma Jean was a simple and gorgeous girl, who was grabbed by the film industry and converted into the peroxide bombshell, (drugged, curvy, bullied and seemingly confused) Marilyn Monroe. Her cute talents were retained by her aspiring management in the movie industry, desperate to hold onto their prized cow, keeping her sedated as she struggled to cope with being dragged around as a showcase. Scared, abused and lonely, her dependency on narcotics spiralled. As her success soared life twisted around her as she married over and over, had countless affairs, disregarded an education and ultimately became her own undoing. Yes she was a darling to look at but what Marilyn really represents to me is a symbol of all that is wrong with the greed in our society. Could she have had a stronger will or commanded more respect? Maybe, but not everyone is strong in that way. Her image is not one of luxury and sexuality to me, it's a sad reminder of how nasty and stupid people can be. Sigh.

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