Tuesday, 8 April 2014

(SPOILERS) Contrary to popular opinion... HIMYM.

Last night I settled down to witness the finale of How I Met Your Mother. Despite the decline in quality over the last few seasons (purely for regurgitating the same predictable jokes, the show didn't get worse it just didn't get better) I thoroughly enjoyed the last episode. 

Right up to 'and that's how I met your mother' was text book and satisfying. What you'd expect. 
Barney and Robin's marriage abruptly ending after a whole season dedicated to the storyline first struck me as odd, but thinking back they spent an entire season showing the gaps in their relationship. A whole season dedicated to why it wouldn't work. 
This also displays how Robin was not the one, but Ellie was all along. This for me was paramount, my favourite piece of the story, I cried like a baby. Barney's true colours made his fate, the best choice for him in my eyes. Who else could he love so honestly? After all, in spite of his growth as a character, we all love the Bro Code, Suit Up, High Fives and Wait For It. Thinking back, his development was necessary to prepare him for Ellie. 
At the end of Ted's 9 year story, they turn his attention to Robin which helps explain that all of his past failures and efforts were not in vain. All of his past partners leaving him because it was always about Robin. The actual screen play of this scene was cheesey and naff, but the story fits for me. The wigs they use are bloody awful! But it's nice that they both had a full, good life until they were ready for each other. 
I think the ending for the mother is a great explanation for why Ted is telling the story, but after such a build up I disliked the quick scene and after finally meeting her it was a little surprising. Perhaps this was close to the writers hearts (does this mimic their own story?) and they needed to show how quickly things in life can change, after they mean so much. 
A friend of mine is of a very different opinion, she questions why Ted's kids are so eager about Robin after Lily making such an emphasis on Robin's absence (besides the big moments). I challenged this with the example of an earlier episode where Ted finishes the show assuring the kids 'love their Aunt Robin' with kids drawings and the like. 
I can relate to a widowed father with two teenage kids (a once component of my own family) and it is easy to understand them wanting their Dad to move on, especially after what he just told them. 
I feel fairly satisfied with the round of up of Ted's story. It's realistic in the end after all of their antics. He certainly made a point, but come on it's Ted. 
The final imagery of the empty apartment is a nod towards comments over the years of it's similarities to Friends. I like that it wasn't just one big happy ending like the famous six. I think they had to make a point there. 
Happy! To all the haters, please make a 9 season show that is better or sit down. xoxo

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