Friday, 29 August 2014

Glenside Honey.

After years of laughing at stories of bee mishaps, my colleague has become a keen bee-keeper earning himself the role of Official Call Out Guy if you ever have a bee problem in the South Wales area. 
He's been selling his personally harvested honey in the local area and I've finally got my hands on a pot! I've opted for the plain one but they have other infused flavours, such as apple blossom.
Honey was always a staple in my parents kitchen as I grew up and I always include it on my winter shopping trips to soothe sore throats, my favourite medicine is hot honey and lemon juice. 
I'd fully recommend this gorgeous stuff, I was surprised to learn that the first dab of it that I tried on a teaspoon was the entire life's work of one bee. 

You can email the Glenside Honey Team @ for enquiries or pop over to their Facebook (/Glensidehoneyfarm) and Twitter (@GlensideHoney) pages for news and updates.


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