Sunday, 6 August 2017

Turns out, I always wanted a sister.

Raised with slightly younger brother and being very close to two cousins, Auntie Julie's boys, I was lucky enough to be treated like a princess and live like a tomboy.

My childhood was eccentric and loving, we met many joyful people. I formed part a young sister clan, a girl group, who stomped around in the countryside.
These girls are my chosen family and I have watched them grow into clever and beautiful women. These ladies are my tribe, we grew together, loving each other if not trying to kill each other.

I now have some fantastic younger friends. I now see the responsibility. I am the older sister now. Not an audience for me to show off, my actions need speak louder than words. I need to show them how to love themselves, care for themselves and damn it, lead them away from a dark alley on a bad night.
We are all struggling with the uphill battle of life. None of us are alone, I will remind everyone until my last breath. I love the boys and our life, but I found my sisters in the end.

Family are always in your heart through the good and bad, I know you are still with us, Tisha. Even in memory, I can see your face every day.