Friday, 4 November 2011

Married, Single, Other?

Relationships, the definitive social status. Couples dinner parties, double dates, inquisitive parents, expectant friends, eager onlookers, watching the phone, checking your email. Do we build relationships based on other people's expectations? What have we become?
I, for one, have had enough of other people and their expectations. In fact, expectations all together.
Thankfully I have decent relationships (partner, family, work and friends). Do our relationships define us? No doubt. Am I 'married' to my partner, 'single' in the work place, and 'other' amongst family and friends? If I want to be. As long as everyone is happy we don't have to rise to what other people have defined. Not one relationship is the same as the next. At the end of each day, when you close the door behind you on the world and it's chaos, if you and the people near by are at ease it doesn't matter one tiny bit what the world thinks.
So, cliched ideals, screw you.

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