Saturday, 5 November 2011

Do I want to give in?

Ladies, I need your opinion. Do I go for foundation that is just a smidge darker than my usual tone - of course only a very slight shade "darker" as I don't wish to have tan lines like I've held my face in dirty dish water for hours - or not? I tried my friend's foundation as I was feeling a bit naked in work and her tone wasn't quite like mine, but I swear to god, I looked a whole new me. Actually a bit healthier.
Now, I am naturally oh so ghostly pale, which I have embraced, whole hearted. (If only I looked like Nicola Roberts!). Do I betray my inner pale face and head for the bronzer? I don't know if it's a mentally stable route to take. Where would my "darker" foundation quest lead me? Would I feel a bit "healthier" if I had a sunbed? (God forbid - no offense to those who do, but it's not for me). I don't want to hide my 'natural beauty', but is it wrong to wear a bit of war paint to feel, in a healthy way, more confident? Like I said, ladies, I need your opinion.


  1. Dont go darker then you will have been tangoed, but tinted moisturiser is a great idea:)

  2. Tinted moisturiser sounds good. Thanks! x