Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Pandora charm!

Mam gave me a green glass Pandora charm two years ago as part of my birthday gift on my new bracelet but as I've collected charms over the years it didn't fit the theme, (quirky silver charms, basically). It was only when she suggested that I ask here in the shop in Cardiff if I could exchange it for another one that I considered doing anything with it. It had lived for two years in a box, looking brand new, in my chest of drawers. Every time I would have a clear out I would open the box and look at it and think of Mam. I would never have thought to exchange it myself, (I think the word I'm looking for is shy? Polite? Scared to offend?).
So here it is. My lovely new aeroplane charm. There. On the far left, next to my Christmas tea pot. Cute, huh?

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