Monday, 5 December 2011

True Colours.

I am a fickle, materialistic little girl at heart. I can admit it.
But new nail polish makes me so happy.
I had walked past these Rimmel nail colours in Boots quite a few times, but it was yesterday when I had finished all of my Christmas shopping and I had pennies to spare I took a chance and bought them.
I'm so glad I did because they are beautiful!
I'd had 'Barry M' mint green and lilac polishes, but they were old and clumpy. I was pretty geared up to just replace them with the same, but after using Rimmel polishes for the last few weeks I am happy to announce that it's the range for me.
So, dear Internet, I present to you 'Rimmel Professional Finish' in '500 Peppermint', '420 Aqua Cool' and '312 Ultra Violet'.
For work today I've gone with Aqua Cool.
Ahh the benefits of working the late shift.


  1. Want all of them!! They're so pretty!!
    Look what I've turned u into Jillie, a proper girly blogger :) I <3 my creation LOL x x x

  2. I have the peppermint one :-) all the better I got it for free because my step-auntie didn't like it so gave it to me, its a beautiful colour. Love the other too, the lilac looks a lot fresher than the Barry M one too, me likey!! x