Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Happy Valentine's!

Hey Lovers! I hope you all had the mushiest loveliest valentine's day yesterday. To all of you single people, I hope you had great promiscuous sex with strangers/ate loads of chocolate and cried. When I was a little girl I used to think Valentine's Day was a load of rubbish. That's the polite version anyway. I wrote this massive three page poem about how phony it is, why it's a waste of money and why there's no point in it. A part of me still thinks like this. So I can't buy into the hype too much and buy cards and presents with hearts on them. But I love Boyfriend to death and I simply adore his attention. So how can I say no? I can't miss an opportunity to use my glue and scissors and get all crafty. So I only had a memory of what the place looked like where we first ever met. I kind of remembered that it was in Cheltenham, near a garden of flower beds. I think there was a hotel next to me with 'Queen' in the name. Armed with this bucket load of information and google, I actually managed to find the spot. Yeah, I really did. I felt like a bloody god. Printed the map off of the exact spot where we met and made a card for Boyfriend. Ta daa xoxo

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