Sunday, 29 April 2012

What's got into me?

So the other day I realised it's only 9 weeks until I go to Paris. Megayay! But, I'm still only a size 16. I was size 18 when I began this gym craze and I can now wear my size 16 skinny jeans and do proper lunges (sorry to any member of the public that I have offended, but that's the official test for skinnies, if you can't lunge, they don't fit). The new rules are in place, no carbs after dark, if you're hungry drink more water, when you want to go home from the gym make yourself do another 20 minutes, etc. So when asked out for a cheeky trip to Starbucks round the corner I happily said yes. I actually jogged there and then order a superfood 'Green Machine' smoothie and a fruit salad in place of my usual grande black Americano crammed with white sugar and a slab of iced carrot cake. What's got into me? I like it. 

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