Friday, 4 May 2012

Eyebrow Threading!

Today we went shopping for Jake's birthday presents, party food and the rest. Of course we couldn't help indulging ourselves in a few little luxuries. I've always wanted to try threading as the results are immaculate. So, after not plucking my eyebrows for over a week I headed to the Debenhams brow bar with gritted teeth. I was expecting a world of pain. I've never epilated, or waxed. So as I leaned back in the chair, palms sweating, the beautician began to cleanse my skin. I'm surprised to say I actually liked the odd ripping sensation. I'd describe it like velcro. Like pulling tough velcro apart. I'd do it again, I urge you all to try it if you haven't already. Let's lead the threading revolution! Okay, I'm a bit excited about it, but just look how neat and lovely my 'brows are! xoxo

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